Stress  is a most common word heard from people belonging to 16 to 60 years of age.It is always considered as an abnormal state of mind by common people and they are unaware of the exact meaning  ofstress.

According to psychology, stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. It is a type of psychological pain. Small amount of stress may be desirable and even healthy. Stress is considered as positive as it helps in improving performance of an individual by motivation.For example: athletic performances.


When our mental state does not copeup with the situational demands emotionally, we get strained and stress hormones are released in the body.We can consider stress as a fight against unfavorable or pressurized situations by our body.People usually think stress is a new invention of recent years wherein it is in existence from early human ages.

The stress of early age and modern age is completely different.They had stress of securing their lives from predators, man eating animals, venom of snakes etc., because their lives wereinsecure and they had to lead their life in the forests with the animals as their fellow beings.

The stress may be caused through internal or external factors. Causes of stress will be different from person to person. The author  has tried to list out a few common reasons :

Being unhappy in job,Chronicillness, Expectations,Attachments, Anxiety, Competition, Social obligations.

How to overcome the stress, its impacts, and preventive measures will be discussed in the upcoming editions of the blog.


 Assistant professor

                                               Department of commerce and management