05Jun 2018




05 June 2018, ‘’WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY’’ was observed in City College, Jayanagar,Bangalore. A proud moment that we all staff members including Principal, Vice Principal and our beloved students were part of the event. All of us were in lively colour green attire and made a day very lively and energetic.We started the event at 10.30am in the presence of Principal, Vice Principal, Deputy Director and all the Professors including PU and MBA students.

The program started with welcome speech followed by invocation, significance About World Environment Day in English and  kannada by PU students.

The Principal Dr. P. Srinivas Rao also addressed the gathering On the importance of Environment day, one new thought was introduced by him that is ‘’Green results in Red’’ meaning – Green is our ‘’Environment’’ and Red is our ‘’Blood’ energy is created in the form of green by action or energy utilized by colour red.

We continued celebrating with a dance performance and songs sung by students, and finally we had an event ‘’Awareness on avoid plastic’’ done by MBA students of our college. Eco friendly bags were prepared by students and all presented it very beautifully. Under the guidance of Dr. Vinay.T Deputy director.

We also celebrated the event very proudly by distributing a Tulasi saplings to all the staff members, at the end our Vice Principal was glad that the event was a great success and briefed about  the initiative  of BBMP  on introducing Red bins to dispose sanitary waste and to bring in cleanliness in Bangalore city. She put on records our tribute to Principal, staff members and students for their great support in arranging this event and made a memorable one in the history of AMC CITY COLLEGE.


It gave a immense pleasure when we took a group photographs with students holding environment day slogans/posters in their hands with wonderful and proud smiles on their faces.

26Apr 2018


Second Internals for BCA

Second Internals for BCA students.

20Apr 2018


Greivience Cell

Greivience Cell organized by Ms.Anisha & Ms.Harjeet From Indian Institute of Psycology and Research.

 The session will be conducted on handling student grieviences.

16Apr 2018


Anti Harassment Cell

Anti Harassment Cell by faculty members,

Workshop will be conducted to discuss about anti harassment

07Apr 2018


Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit for BCA students .

Students will be visiting to Infosys, Mysore

05Apr 2018



Blood donation camp from NARAYANA HOSPITAL on 5th April 2018, for UG and PG students

                                           CRITERIAS FOR BLOOD DONATION


  1. Should be healthy and aged between 18-60 years.
  2. Weight should be more than 50 kgs.
  3. Hemoglobin level should be between 12.5 to 18.0 gm% (we will check it before blood donation)
  1. Should have a good sleep in the previous night


  1. If suffering from any disease.
  2. If suffering from fever, cold, throat pain / cough
  3. If suffering from uncontrolled Diabetes or blood pressure (Hypertension)
  4. If they have undergone any major surgeries in one year
  5. If they have taken alcohol / antibiotics / any immunization


They cannot donate if they are menstruating / pregnant / feeding baby of less than one year.


  1. Self satisfaction and pride of saving other lives
  2. Regular blood donation will reduced risk of heart attack / stroke
  3. Blood donor will not get any disease by donating blood. Only new and sterile syringes and needles are used during blood donation
  4. Your body will replace the blood volume donated within 24-48 hours.


  1. Kindly have food within last two hours before coming for donation
  2. Kindly restrain from alcohol consumption for 24 hours before donation
  3. Kindly avoid smoking for at least 1 hour before and after donation

28Mar 2018



CCJ Tournament conducted by Dr.Vinay, Mr.Harish.

Inter College Sports Event

23Mar 2018


Kaushalya Bhagya

City College,  Jayanagar witnessed a training Program for Job seekers on 23rd Friday and 24th Saturday of March 2018.

City College was selected by Department of Employment and Training which runs under Karnataka Government.

The program under  the name ‘Kaushalya Bhagya’ , an unique program started by Honourable chief Minister of Karnataka to aid the unemployed youth, who were having problem in facing interviews.

The program comprising tips to face interviews, personality Development, Soft skill Development, Job oriented skill to clear the interviews.  Program also consists sessions to clear confusion, career guidance and counseling.

To assist and train the unemployed youth ministry of Employment and training roped experts from Mindtree  and Talent tree.

The Program was well  Organised  and coordinated by City College under  the guidance of Principal Dr. P. Sreenivasa Rao,  Vice Principal Mrs.  Malini N Janardhan and PU HOD Mrs.  Padma R Joshi.

Program also witnessed by  lighting the lamp and invocation song.

Mr. Azeezulla Sharieff (Nodal Officer),  Mr Sunil and Ms Sudha (counselors), Ms Vanishree (Trainer) were present during two day session and carried the program very effectively.

23Mar 2018


Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture by Mr. Dilip.

The lecture was on the Cloud computing.

22Mar 2018


NINAD 2k18

Inter Departmental Literary, Cultural and Management Fest on
       Thursday, 22nd March 2k18



Ninad is an  inter department literary, cultural and Management  fest  organized by city college during the month of feburary / march every year.City college believe in providing great opportunities for the student to involve themselves in various activities which are quite diverse and challenging. Ninad is a platform for students to unleash their talent to their true potential. With this students learn skills of event management and also interpersonal, communication and team building skills.the various event details of Ninad are as follows


  • Poetary writing
  • Dumb charads
  • Collage
  • Essay writing
  • Mehandi
  • Product launch
  • General quiz
  • Cooking without fire
  • Face painting
  • Business bazzar
  • Caption writing
  • Singing
  • Vegetable carving
  • Rangoli


  • Best manager
  • Mad adds
  • Solo dance
  • Group dance
  • Dumbsmash
  • Fashion show

Ninad  brings together students from various inter department  providing an excellent platform to showcase their talents and win handsome rewards too.Ninad fest started in the year 2002 and it is born as phoenix every year, as the old one dies a new one rises from it’s ashes. Every year ninad fest gets bigger and better.During the past 15  years,  ninad has witnessed an impressive participation from  many students of city college.

On the day of ninad there will be chief guest from different field to address the students. In 2018 chief guests were Usha Rani Shankar who was the winner of  Mrs.karanataka 2016  and Gurmeet Singh Hora from WIPRO Technologies.

Students who participate  in different events and have won  will receive the reward on the day of ninad by digniteries present.The event will begin with innovocation song followed by welcome speech and addressing the  gathering by degniteries and event will be concluded by vote of thanks and which will followed by dj night .

The most awaited part of Ninad is DJ night, where the students will tap to the Music and have fun time for the muic played by experts.

20Mar 2018


Best Manager

Best Manager programme conducted by Dr.Vinay, Ms.Uma, Mr.Naresh.

Intra Collegiate Management events.

19Mar 2018



Debate conducted by Mr.Madhusudan, Ms.Supriya, 

Intra Collegiate Literary events

17Mar 2018



PTA was conducted for BCA students.

Parents Teachers Meeting

17Mar 2018


Caption Writing, Singing & Rangoli

Caption Writing, Singing & Rangoli conducted by Ms.Clara, Ms.Keerthi, Ms.Nagashree.

Intra Collegiate Cultural and Literary events

15Mar 2018


One day Workshop on GST

A first of its kind in City College, Jayanagar “Impact of GST on Business Entities and Effect of Budget- 2018 on Citizens” was successfully conducted on 15th March 2018 by the Dept. of Management Studies under the leadership of Dr Vinaya T, Deputy Director, City College while actively encouraged and supported by Mrs Malini N, honourable Vice- principal, City College turned out to be an extraordinarily successful one where the students from various institutes namely SSMRV, MLA, Vivekananda, Jain, AMC, Al- Ameen colleges actively took part in the session.

The speaker Mr. Nayaz Pasha an enterprising Chartered Accountant and a faculty gave brilliant insights into the latest tax reforms and a thorough analysis of budget 2018. The session began with an invocation song and a short video about City College Jayanagar, followed by lighting of the lamp and then the welcoming of the guests by Mrs Malini N.

The first part of the session began with the Impact of GST on Business Entities where Mr Nayaz Pasha covered the implications tax reforms had on different industries followed by the second session where he covered the Effect of Budget- 2018 on Citizens and the ultimate takeaways for the common man from the latest budget. Both the sessions covered the topics from different angles including business, politics and profession pointing out the importance and drawbacks of these policies with clear reasoning and insider view of the reforms.

The session went on as per the schedule where it began at 10:30 am and concluded by 1:30 pm after which the students got a glimpse of the much celebrated business bazaar coinciding on the same day.   

15Mar 2018


Business Bazaar

Business Bazaar organized by Mrs.Netra, Mr.Prakash, Ms.Rashmi.

Opportunities given to Students can show case their talents and practice their management skills by placing various stalls in the quadrangle of the college.

14Mar 2018


Cooking without Fire & Face Painting

Cooking without Fire & Face Painting conducted by Mrs.Chandrakala, Mrs.Smitha, Mrs.Seema.

Intra Collegiate Cultural events.

13Mar 2018


Product Launch & Business Quiz

Product Launch & Business Quiz organized  by Mr.Prakash, Mr.Rudraiah, Ms.keerthi, Mrs.Supriya.

Intra Collegiate Management events.

13Mar 2018



Workshop conducted with Harbor Technologies / IIT Bombay.

It was an one day workshop on Python.

12Mar 2018


Collage & Mehandi

Collage & Mehandi was organized by Mrs.Nagashree & Mrs.Chandrakala, Mrs.Shantha.

It was an Intra Collegiate Cultural events.

12Mar 2018


Coaching on Competitive Exam

Coaching on Competitive Exam conducted by Mr.Mandeep Kaur & Team from "Acheivers IAS Academy".

 The Session was on career guidance to students about various competitive exams like UPSC, IBPS.

08Mar 2018


Poetry Writing

Poetry Writing was conducted by Language Department.

 It was Intra Collegiate Literary events.

06Mar 2018


An educative seminar by Prof MouloudMandoun highlighted the importance of human resources and leadership skills and qualities in an organisation.

A seminar was held on 6th March 2018 by Prof MouloudMadoun,attended by all the Faculties and students of commerce, management and MCA departments.

Prof MouloudMadouna Professor and Consultant of Human Resource, Quality Management (TQM), Social Responsibility and Intercultural Management, Quality Auditor certified DNVhas over 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and TQM.Currentlyworking with IIM Trichy and also contributing his valuable service at ESSEC School of business, Paris. Prof has lot of publications and presentations to his credit.He has Research in progress towards CSR transformation quality and international relations and intercultural management.

An educative seminar by Prof MouloudMandoun highlighted the importance of human resources and leadership skills and qualities in an organisation.

Prof MouloudMadoun shared from his immense knowledgeof the concept of Theory- U,which explains about the three obstacles to improve communication and co-ordination by overcoming the voice of fear, the voice of judgement and the voice of cynicism.

The seminar provided guidelines for the different methods of learning process between the teachers and the students, the techniques of involving students in finding solutions with the help of the teachers and for the problems faced by them in the classroom.

ProfMouloudMadoun spoke about the richness of Indian practices in education and Indian culture. He recited slokas (Chanting of prayers and mantras) on the humble salutations to the Gurus (Teachers).It was a very interactive session with exchange of questions, ideas, views and opinions among the students with ProfMouloudMadoun.

At the end of the session ProfMouloudMadoun was facilitatedwith a thanks giving memento for his valuable guidance, sharing of his knowledge and experiences.

05Mar 2018


First Internals

First Internals was conducted for I & II Sessions.

Business regulations, International Business, advanced Corporate accounting, Business ressearch methods, Financial accounting & Advanced Financial Accounting.

05Mar 2018


MBA Classes

MBA Classes

Commencement of Classes II/IV SEM MBA.

01Mar 2018


Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Program by Mrs.Niharika Panda/T John College

Neuro Linguistic Programming in Education -Mind over Matter

01Mar 2018


Out Bound Learning Activities

Out Bound Learning Activities was conducted by Mr.Sunil From “Vishveswaraya Rain water harvesting Systems”

The Session was  on Importance of Green infrastructure and building sustainable water management systems. A video has been played to understand the importance to save water.

28Feb 2018


One day Workshop

One day Workshop attended by Mrs. Smitha at MLA college, Bangalore

Accreditation and Assessment of NAAC

26Feb 2018


Aptitude Tests

Aptitude Tests was organized by Mr.Ananth Acharya, Director, from “ Vista Minds”.

 The Session was on how to crack aptitude tests and enhance employ ability skills.

17Feb 2018


NSS Activity

NSS Activity was conducted by Mrs.Manonmani from Ashwin Maharaj Foundation.

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility the students were asked to volunteer to distribute Protein Health Mix to cancer patients at KIDWAI Cancer center

17Feb 2018


Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Program was conducted by Mr. Madhusudan, Mrs. Niharika Panda and Keerthi T R, Dayanada Sagar Institutions.

The progrmme was FDP on Theory of Computation

15Feb 2018



Seminar/Workshop was organized by Mr. Sudip / Ants Consulting.

 The Seminar was on the topic Big Data.

12Feb 2018


Talent Hunt

Talent Hunt was organized by Radio Mirchi

Programme has been sponsored by Engage Perfumes. events like Campus radio, Mr & Mrs Fresher has been conducted in City College Jayanagar.

10Feb 2018


Social Awareness Programme

Social Awareness Programme was organized by Mrs. Nirmala, Research Scholar, NIMHANS

A session was conducted for City College faculty members to create awareness about drug addiction especially in youth & arrangements for counseling sessions at Nimhans

09Feb 2018


Intra collegiate Management Events

Intra collegiate Management Events was Conducted by Faculty Members.
Conducted management games like Business Quiz, role play and caption writing.

02Feb 2018


Recruitment Assistace program

Recruitment Assistance program presented by Mr.Sudhakar from " On Jobs"

Session on preparation for interviews.

26Jan 2018


Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day Celebration

Flag Hosting by Dr.Prakash followed by cultural programme.

02Oct 2017




ON 2ND OCTOBER on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi  SWATCH BHARATH CAMPAIGN was organized were in students and teachers involved. In and around the campus was cleaned.


GO GREEN: our unwise and extensive activity causes harm to the natural environment. We lose priceless natural resources, fresh air, water, forests, animals, birds, fish, insects, etc. People should change their lifestyle rapidly in order to stop deforestation, global warming, pollution and other problems, which can destroy the life on the planet. We ought to go green in order to save the life of future generations.

So our students took the initiative of planting the samplings inside the college premises. It was very good to see that our students showed their interest in this activity.








As we all know that now a day’s plastic usage has become too much, our students showed that plastic bags can be replaced with paper bags. The event was made successful  by BCOM/BBA students.


23Sep 2017


Business Bazar


Business bazaar is an activity conducted for the students to get exposure on various business activities to understand marketing techniques.In this event students were given an opportunity to set up the stalls of their choice with maximum 5 in a team.Stalls like food court, games, mehendhi, nail art etc was there.

Event began with inauguration by principal and encouraging students.


On 23rd September 2017 exhibition was conducted by our students on environmental hazardous and impact of social media.

This event was inaugurated by  Bhavani Revanna . students had made many models regarding the topic and explained it very well  to the audience.

It was very helpful to each and every one.


04Sep 2017



Onam is a major annual event for Malayali people in and outside Kerala. It is a harvest festival, one of three major annual Hindu celebrations along with Vishu and Thiruvathira, and it is observed with numerous festivities .

Our students from city college were actively participated in the event.

26Jul 2017


Sports Day

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This proverb highlights the importance of recreational activities in our life.

In every college the most exciting activity is the annual sports meet.
There were many athletic events like running race, Long jumps, throws and few indoor games. There were obstacle and walking races too. The students who participated were divided according to class.

Every student participated very supportively and energetically.

All the events was very well organised and conducted without any travails.

The Event began with LIGHTING OF INAGURAL LAMP    which was followed by lighting of torch and oath. The torch was handed over to the champions for a run after that all the events began according to the schedule.There was also felicitation for the topper of the university on sports day.The winners of all these events were also awarded on this day.

Finally our annual sports day was concluded with vote of thanks from sports department.


23Feb 2017



It was not just another normal day in the Department as the campus was decorated in a traditional way. The energy levels were quite high as the campus was bursting with enthusiasm and passion.

Various events were organized and conducted in the college both by the professors and students. Events were well organized and carried the same way as scheduled. Students showed their interest in all the activities which was organized and participated in various events

Event Highlights Photos

Girls were dressed in Ghagharas, Lehngas and traditional Sarees and the boys wore lungis, dhothis and even be jewelled turbans, like those worn by kings in ancient times.