….In my previous article we had a brief look into employee relation

It is important that employee should share a healthy relation with each other at the work place, let us find out why employee relation is important in an organization:

  • There are several issues on which an individual cannot take decision alone. He may need the guidance and advice of other as well, sometimes we might miss out on important points, but our fellow workers may come out with brilliant ideas which would help us to achieve our target at a much faster way.
  • Work becomes easy if we share among all equally. A healthy relation with a fellow worker would ease the workload on you and in turn increase your productivity. One cannot do everything on his own, responsibilities must be divided among team members to accomplish the assigned tasks within the stipulated timeframe. If you have a good rapport with you collogues, he will always be eager to assist you in your assignments, making your work easier.
  • The organization becomes a happy place to work if the employees work together as a family. An individual tends to lose focus and concentration if his mind is always clouded with unnecessary tension and stress. It has been observed that if people talk and discuss things with each other, tension automatically evaporates and one feels better.
  • An individual feels motivated in the company of others, who he can trust and fall back on whenever needed.
  • Healthy employee relation also discourages conflicts and fights among individuals, people tend to adjust more and stop finding faults in each other. They start treating each other as friends and trust their level best to compromise and in turn make everyone happy.
  • A healthy employee relation reduces the problem of absenteeism at the work place. Individuals become more serious towards their work and feel loyal towards the organization.
  • It is wise to share a work relation with your fellow worker because you never know when you need them.

It is essential that employees are comfortable with each other for better focus and concentration and increased production.

In my next article we will take a look at the employee relationship management