Written by MALINI N

Most of us have heard the story of an intelligent crow that put pebbles into a jar of water, till it could reach water to quench its thirst. The normal thing the crow could have done was to fly all over, till it got water. Instead when its beak could not reach water, it found a way for the water to reach its beak. This is a beautiful example of creativity.

Creativity is all about finding unconventional solutions. Such solutions require imagination and out of box thinking. It involves seeing connections between apparently unconnected things, seeing hidden patterns and evolving solutions. Creativity doesn’t end with imagination. It involves actions. Therefore it is creative people who can think differently and produce new ideas or products.

The best examples for the most creative designs in nature range from a human body to a bird’s nest to a crawling worm. Also nature’s designs are the most efficient designs. Thus, instead of simply looking at some solution for the things around us, it is good to think of creative solutions. Every child is born creative. It is only because of environmental factors that few children evolve more creative than others.
As students, you are in the intense learning phase of your life. It is for this reason that you should acquire a high degree of
creativity. Few steps to nurture your creativity are as follows.

Break away from routine – Think and act differently, question the rules with “why this way and why not the other way”. This leads to inventions.
Add value to existing things – Candles were used as light sources. Thomas Alva Edison discovered light bulb which was far
superior to candles in many ways. He failed 1000 times, but did not give up. Creative people should accept failures as a part of learning.

Chase your curiosity – If you have found something interesting, that excites you but not pursued, start working on it immediately.
Set small creative tasks each day and complete it. This will energise you to take up bigger creative tasks.
Spend time with nature – Get away from the monotony and get into a state of peace. Your imagination works better as nature brings calmness in you.
Acquire good reading habit – This gives you new ideas along with your own. It helps in creating new solutions.
If we do not function creatively, we may loose a lot of opportunities in life.
One of the take-aways is to start asking questions like “Why this way and why not the other way?”. List few more take aways for yourself.
Source : Pramod(2017)